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Tire Retreading



Tire retreading in Lockport, IL

Since 1955, Dellwood Tire & Auto Repair has offered tire retreading services. Our Hawkinson mold cure tire retread process begins with both visual and electronical inspection for defects that may make the casing unsuitable for tire retreading. Next, the tire is buffed and trued on our state-of-the-art RAS90 fully automated buffer. After the proper profile is achieved, new tread rubber is applied by our computer controlled 2001 Orbitread.

At the molding stage, the tires are sent to either the Hawkinson System or the Segmented S.M.A.R.T. system. The Hawkinson system creates a very economical top cap that gives excellent performance with a wide variety of tread designs. The S.M.A.R.T. system cures the tire in a five-piece segmented mold similar to the molds used in new tire production, and produces a retread tire that is cosmetically like a new tire.

After a final inspection, the tires are delivered to our customers. The mold cure tire retreading process results in the same truck tire performance and geometry characteristics as a new tire.


Dellwood Tire & Auto Repair offers Oliver pre cure tire retreading. The premium Oliver brand of pre cure rubber is available in many different sizes and treads, and provides excellent performance at a competitive price.

Every Dellwood Tire & Auto Repair pre cure retread produced is both visually and electronically inspected for defects that would make the casing unsuitable for retreading. The tire is buffed and trued by our fully automated MATTUESI RAS 90 buffer. After the proper profile is achieved, the pre cured rubber is applied by our Automatic Tread Builder.

After the tread building process, the tires are placed in the 23 tire chamber to complete the vulcanization process. After the curing is complete, the tires go through a final inspection and they are delivered to our customers. The Oliver pre cure retreading process will result in a perfectly balanced tire. Search for the desired truck tire retread and save your commercial fleet thousands of dollars today.

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Dellwood Tire & Auto Repair in Lockport, IL

Our family-owned shop has prided itself on serving drivers in Lockport, IL, Minooka, IL, Joliet, IL, and surrounding areas since 1948. The ASE-Certified technicians at Dellwood Tire & Auto Repair offer a variety of auto repairs for medium and heavy duty trucks, as well as passenger vehicles. We offer tires from top brands and offer tire repair services. With 3 locations in the Lockport area to serve our customers better, Dellwood Tire & Auto Repair should be your first and only stop when you need auto repairs or tires. Contact us or visit one of our 3 locations today.